About Us


 94  percent of pet owners believe their pets have human traits and emotions  such as curiosity, happiness, friendliness, sadness and confusion.  You  can't always take your pet with you on a vacation or a business trip.    And you certainly don't want to leave your fur baby at an unfamiliar  place.  Pet sitting is a less disruptive option.   Your fur babies can  stay in the comfort of their own home and the pampering can come to  them.  Our mission is to treat each and every "family member" as if  they are our own.  We want your pet to always remember just how spoiled  they are and how much fun it is when mom and dad are away.


I  was raised “in the country” and had the joy of growing up loving many  pets of many types. Like a magnet, our house was the one the strays  would migrate to.

I  was always the kid climbing under someone’s house to see the puppies,  sneaking off down the road to pet the horse, attempting to “save” the  fledging birds that I know now didn’t need my help.  I like to refer to  myself as an “Animal Warrior”.

 I have had wonderful opportunities to do volunteer work involving animal rescue/placement/fostering.